What is Ampify Sounds?

Ampify Sounds is Ampify’s very own sample label. It has been the backbone of our apps; from working with other companies to having our team of creators making professional sounding content, just for you.   


One of our in-house content creators, Lola, London.

Ampify has always provided professional quality soundpacks so that you can focus on what matters. We want to allow you to create and have well-polished sounding ideas straight off the bat. 

We know it can be hard to start ideas and find the right loop to get started with. With these great sounds produced by Ampify Sounds' music makers, you'll find that loop to kick start your creativity.  


Music producer and soundpack creator, James Orvis, Leeds.

We thought it was the right time to showcase these sounds and our team of creators. So here it is, Ampify Sounds, the home of top-quality sound content. 

Where is it available? Right now, all Ampify Sounds content is hosted on our apps; Launchpad, Blocs Wave and Groovebox for iOS.