Soundpack Licence Information

We are often asked: "Can I sell the songs I make using Blocs Wave, Groovebox and Launchpad?"

The simple answer is that all sounds in Groovebox, Blocs Wave and Launchpad reside under one of two licence agreements. The first covers all sounds from either Ampify soundpacks or Loopmasters soundpacks; the second covers any sounds provided by UK Label Ninja Tune. The latter have much more restrictive usage terms as these are famous songs by well-known artsits.

Ampify Soundpacks

Ampify soundpacks (and Loopmasters) soundpacks have essentially the same usage and licence terms. Explore the Ampify license agreement here:

Loopmasters, a fine provider of loops and sounds, also have a great guide on this subject:

All of the samples included with the app are royalty-free. You can use them in your songs without paying money to the content providers (Ampify or Loopmasters). The only thing you can't do is make the samples available individually. For example, you're not allowed to upload a track that contains just one drum loop, but you are allowed to upload a track that contains a drum loop and a guitar loop.

Ninja Tune Artist Series Soundpacks

The licence agreement is different for Ninja Tune soundpacks. You cannot sell or make available for public download, purchase or streaming any tracks made using the the Ninja Tune artist series soundpacks. These soundpacks have a different End User Licence Agreement, which you can find here: